Julia. 20. Canada.

Process by Pat Perry


shout out to black autistics who risk death by accidentally coming across as rude or misunderstanding social cues or not being able to communicate or stimming in public

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Fairy terns, Midway Islands
National Geographic | September 1971


Death. I am now officially finished with my acid hell rendition of #pamelacolemansmith’s major arcana!! Also, I am proud to announce that this major arcana will be published and available for purchase in two editions before the end of this year by the fantastic @vonzos !!! More details as soon as we get closer to release! In the meantime, I will have a little break before starting the remaing 56 lesser arcana.. Stay tuned and thank you all@for the amazing support on this undertaking. ✌️💀🌈

Alakazam - Psychic Readings

I’m moving into my own place o. October 1st. And I found the cutest place!!